We, ourselves and us

    Citric Mind

    By definition we are creative and we love to build success.

    Our agency believes in creativity, but we build ideas around a purpose. We turn on business by implementing creative initiatives to generate results. From traditional advertising and marketing strategies to amazing guerrilla marketing and online media, we love to create and execute for success.

    We just make things happen and that’s why we have created strategic alliances with some of the top talents and companies in the industry to always provide the best solutions for our clients. Our goal is to become your partner and help you build creative solutions to turn on your business.

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    What we love!

    Is simple we love success based on creativity and that’s why we offer services and tools that will help you turn on your business. We don’t design; we create!


    Creative Marketing

    Because sometimes marketing is not enougth we add creativity.


    That’s right! [not logos], we cultivate and create strong brands.


    Online Media

    Web Design? Web Design? Well not exactly, we translate your business into digital language and connect it to the world.


    We love people! That’s why we build events that have a significant and memorable impact on people.

    How things get done?

    • 1.Understand

      Every client and every project is unique, we believe that each one has its own story and purpose.
      Our client is our partner and we love to learn and listen every aspect of the project.
      We research and find every little detail that will make the difference and help us define the project.

    • 2.Strategy

      There is a “reason why” behind every project, we carefully establish the plan that will help us build success.
      At this stage we identify the target, positioning and message.

    • 3.Incubation

      Our ideas require an incubation process where we mix concepts, creativity, the “reason why” and the strategy.
      This is where abstract ideas take form and are built into a final concept.

    • 4.Development

      It’s time to build and construct, this is our factory phase.
      The ideas are now actions and tangible products.

    • 5.Trial

      It’s time for a test drive, let’s take the product for a ride and let’s get some feedback,
      sometimes the product gets even better after the trial.

    • 6.Launch

      It’s time to release the product and share the masterpiece to the world.

    • 7.Performance

      We believe in analyzing the results, identify growth opportunities or just celebrate the project success.


    Ready to turn it on?


    Will love to become you partner to turn on your business.